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Furniturny Zavod

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, Bumazhny proyezd, 2/2с6
Контактное лицо: furzav@mail.ru
Телефон: 8 (499) 257-30-53, 257-31-01, 257-32-31
О производителе

“Furniturny Zavod” (“Fittings factory”) LLC is the legal successor of JSC “Moscow Furniturny zavod” — the main leading manufacturer of fittings in Russia. “Furniturny Zavod” produces more than 2.000 kinds of products for footwear, leather goods and clothing companies. Also it makes products according to customers’ designs and samples.

Types of products and services:

  • buckles for shoes, stamped or wire
  • decorations with different trim for footwear and leather goods
  • frame and half-ring for leather accessories and and garments of various shapes
  • eyelets, hooks, buckles, double-slotted holders
  • shoe eyelets of all sizes
  • holnitens
  • hooks for men’s and women’s shoes
  • corners
  • high-quality nails for all kinds of shoes
  • shanks for men’s, women’s and children’s shoes
  • heel cushions, pins
  • other functional accessories


Production of “Furniturny Zavod” is characterized by high quality, modern design, and wide range. New technologies, materials and coatings are used in manufacturing processes.


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