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Адрес: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Detskaya ulitsa, 10
Телефон: 8 (812) 643-26-15 8 (812) 643-26-16
Факс: 8 (812) 643-26-25
Сайт: www.olla-stp.ru
О производителе

“Olla” uses in its production imported fabrics, composition of which is held by its orders. As for colours of paintings and drawings, they are developed according to its own designs as well, the performance is conducted under the strict control of the company. Strength of colours is guaranteed. It is also important that after washing its linen does not acquire new and unexpected shapes.

Quality of finished products and a wide range of sizes distinguish “Olla” from other manufacturers, which may not always offer size 42 for children’s products.

Goods of  “Olla” have received a diploma of the competition “Prize of St. Petersburg in quality”, as well as gold medals in the competition “500 best enterprises of Russia”, “For the best assortment”, Gold Medal of the international competition “World of Childhood”. Its goods are available at all major stores in St. Petersburg: “Okay”, “Deti” (“Children”), “Krokha” (“Little One”), “Zdorovy Malysh” (“Healthy baby”), “Lukomorye”, department stores “Moskovsky” (“Moscow”), “Kupchinsky” and many others.

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