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Gexa, Group of companies

Адрес: Московская обл., Красногорский район, деревня Гольево, ул. Центральная, д.3
Телефон: 8(495) 564-86-87, 564-86-94, 564-86-93, 564-86-95
Сайт: http://gexa.ru/
О производителе

“GEXA” group of companies manufactures products that are indispensable in construction, medicine, agriculture and other sectors of our lives. The base of the manufacture are polymer materials (woven and non-woven), which are now used in an increasing number of different industries. Products made of nonwoven materials are also necessary for solving various problems of everyday life.


15 years of work have provided a huge experience that allows the company of three people develop into a huge integrated holding. It includes a management company, two production sites with modern equipment (manufacture of non-woven materials is a multi-level high-tech process), a pilot plant, a laboratory of quality control, a distribution warehouse, logistics and transport system, 9 shopping centres, including 24 embassies with offices and warehouses located in all federal districts of the country, along with Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


The main activity is production of polymeric materials (non-woven, thermally bonded, woven). We create modern environmentally friendly building materials: geotextile, protective films and membranes. Our nonwovens optimize many technologies — whether steam or water isolation of homes, road construction, or landscaping. So through the production of nonwovens “GEXA” helps to realize the dream of every person: a cozy home, road safety, and a beautiful garden.

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