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Адрес: г. Казань, ул. Краснококшайская, д. 47
Телефон: 8 (843) 524-94-00
Факс: 8 (843) 524-94-07
О производителе

“Egida” (“Aegis”) company is present on the Russian market since 1992. The company′s core business includes sales of raw materials to manufacturers of upholstered furniture, mattresses, leather goods, as well as for the automotive industry. Since 2000, our company has launched its own production line of flexible polyurethane foam (foam rubber) in Kazan. In 2004, the workshop of furniture was launched. In late 2007, production of furniture glue was implemented.


The retail chain of “Egida” includes 43 representative offices in Russia from St. Petersburg to Irkutsk. Another successful project of “Egida” is opening in 2006 a joint Russian-Kazakh company — a plant producing polyurethane foam (foam rubber) LLP “Egofom” (city of Karaganda). The result of the last few years — two plants producing polyurethane foam in Russia and Kazakhstan — is opening and successful operation of representative offices in almost all countries of the CIS.


It has always been the main priority for “Egida” to comply with the quality requirements and development of new technologies in different areas of production. The result of this work is a new plant in Kazan using the most modern European equipment. New technology, full automation of the process and quality control system opens up new opportunities to achieve higher standards of production and quality. At present time, the group of companies “Egida” produces a wide range of types of foam rubber that meet modern standards of quality and safety.


And the company “Egida” is constantly developing services for its customers. Production line for figured products allows manufacturing out of foam rubber products with different configuration in three dimensions. Hence, best quality and reduction of labour costs for manufacturers of mattresses and upholstered furniture. The latest equipment for production of rolls of foam, launched in 2012, allows producing cloths of foam in large custom widths. It is necessary raw material for manufacturers of auto-velour mattresses and upholstered furniture manufacturers.


Group of companies “Egida” is one of three leading Russian suppliers of furniture fabrics. Today “Egida” offers its customers: flock, chenille, velvet, artificial leather, suede, and jacquard fabric. “Egida” uses Italian equipment of MONTI ANTONIO company with their method of thermal printing to make artificial suede and flock. All the designs that make up the range of upholstery fabrics are exclusive proprietary design of the company’s own studio.


To complete the picture it shall be added that “Egida” produces several varieties of furniture glue, which differ in degree of flammability and the application method. Do you want to glue foam to tree? Please. Foam to fabric? Nothing could be easier. The glue under the brand name “CASSIUS” works fine with felt as well and is able to connect any foam parts.

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