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Адрес: Ивановская обл., г. Кинешма, ул. Социалистическая д.54
Телефон: +7(49331) 9-85-42, +7(963) 151-03-03
О производителе

“KINTEX” LLC is a major producer and seller of non-woven materials. The factory is located in Kineshma, Ivanovo region. The company was founded in 2005 and has gained popularity as a trustworthy partner in the markets of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Using modern technology, the company has achieved the optimal price-quality ratio in its goods. The main aim of LLC “KINTEX” is production and sales of high-quality non-woven materials.


At each stage of production the company monitors the quality of the products; there are tests of compliance with the industrial requirements of industry for the goods. “KINTEX” LLC. offers unwoven-stitched fabric from the manufacturer.


Among the products there are offered the following non-woven materials: unwoven-stitched cloth, technical towels, waffle fabric and other cleaning materials for wiping and cleaning floors. Factory also produces plain weave fabric: cotton, calico, and flannel which are widely used for sewing light clothing and bedding.

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