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Elena, Trade house

Адрес: Тамбовская обл., г.Рассказово, ул. Советская, д. 96
Телефон: 8(47531)30-1-87,8962-234-20-93, 8965-717-27-58
О производителе

“Elena” trade house is one of the leading textile enterprises in the town of Rasskazovo, which has proven itself at the Russian market many times since 2000.


The company creates exclusive models of knitwear that rivals well-known brands in quality but remain affordable to a wide range of consumers.


The main specialization of the company is production of knitted top clothes and underwear for adults and children. Knitwear of “Elena” is convenient and high-quality clothing for everyday life of practical people, as well as for sports and active recreation.


In order to attract potential customers and partners from the furthest corners of our country, in 2009 we launched a website. There was given a catalogue with an assortment of our products as well as the conditions of cooperation and contact information.


Today shopping directly through the Internet acquires more and more popularity. Therefore, in early 2012 willing to keep up with the times, we have upgraded our website and added functionality of an online store. Now anyone can not only get acquainted with our products, but also buy it directly via Internet.

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