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Адрес: г.Владимир, ул.Тракторная, д.1-В
Контактное лицо: Wholesale department: inter-moda538329@yandex.ru
Телефон: 8-800-700-67-08 (Russian calls are free of charge), Vladimir office (4922) 53-80-41, Wholesale department: Тел.: 8(4922) 53-83-29
О производителе

“Intermoda” company was launched in 2001 with sewing popular models of winter, spring and autumn women′s coats of high-quality domestic fabric. The company has acquired the status of one of the largest manufacturers of outerwear with exceptional form of wholesale trade — the company′s customer base at the moment featured more than a hundred wholesalers. At the same time, “Intermoda” launched manufacturing of coats of elite Turkish, Italian fabrics. There was opened a retail store of overclothing.

Not so long ago the company opened an online store, which presents models that can please a most discerning lady (www.inter-moda.ru).


Today, “Intermoda” cooperates with the famous Italian manufacturer of women′s top clothing “Vittorio Arnelli” and decorates its catalogues with European style.

“Intermoda” is a member of the Trade and industry chamber of Vladimir region and the Trade and industry chamber of the Russian Federation.

For manufacturing it uses only raw materials of highest quality; the range of fabrics is constantly updated with actual colours.


The product range is truly diverse: demi season coats, winter coats, women′s and youth jackets, raincoats of different styles, fur vests, fur coats, sheepskin coats, down coats and children′s clothing, including raincoats, jackets, parks, and, of course, coats for girls and boys.


Prices of products are kept to the lowest level possible by eliminating intermediaries from the process of supply and marketing. The company has established a direct supply of fabrics and accessories for the most favourable conditions, so it works with a minimum trading margin.


The model range is developed by Russian and Italian designers. Company’s employees regularly attend courses, are taught in creative studios, participate in seminars and go to fashion shows. Technologists make regular trips abroad to study the experience of foreign colleagues and learn all the best from them. As a result, the coats of “Intermoda” emphasize advantages and sit perfectly on any figure.

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