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Адрес: г. Иваново, ул. Калашникова, дом 16
Телефон: 8/4932/ 345-419, 8-961-119-25-44, 8/4932/ 345-322, 8-910-698-92-30; 8/4932/ 345-321
О производителе

“Fortex” company specializes in manufacturing and sales of special clothes.


One of the requirements for employees of any industrial facility is availability of high-quality and durable working clothes that can protect them from injuries. Comfortable and well thought-out special clothes add comfort when carrying out the duties, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency of work. In the catalogue of “Fortex” one can purchase working clothes that meet all requirements for quality and reliability in bulk at competitive prices.


The “Fortex” products are made from high-quality materials and fittings. Each product is carefully designed up to the tiniest detail for convenience and safety of workers.

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