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Riston, Ristav LLC

Адрес: г. Иваново, мкрн. ТЭЦ-3
Телефон: 8(4932) 40-56-30, 8-910-667-13-56
О производителе

“Ristav” LLC holds a strong position in such areas as production and sale of regenerated fibre material under the brand “Riston”. Cotton wool for mattresses (wool RV, garneting, regenerated fibre) is used to produce wadding, non-woven materials, such as filler (stuffing).


The company “Ristav” is the leading manufacturer of cotton wool RV in Ivanovo. We work with clients from our region and neighbouring regions. High quality of goods as well as huge variety of appearances, composition, and colours of our garneting allows us to maintain the leading position on the market.


Regenerated fibre (wool for mattresses, RV, garneting) from “Ristav” has a quality confirmed by certificates of Rostest. As an experienced manufacturer, the company uses only imported equipment in the production of wool RV. Modern high-performance equipment allows producing large volumes of product in a short time in compliance with all standards of quality.

Automated production, materials from reliable suppliers, experienced skilled workers — all this makes our products (regenerated fibre, wool mattress, RV cotton, garneting) not only competitive, but also the most attractive to customers.


If you need to buy high-quality regenerated fibre (e.g., as a filler for mattresses), the company′s specialists would be happy to provide individual approach and high level of service. Shipping, packing and delivery of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time. Any form of payment is accepted. The system of discounts is flexible.

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