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Адрес: г. Иваново, Микрорайон ТЭЦ-3, д. 51
Телефон: +7-(4932)-92-96-77, +7-960-503-00-15
О производителе

“PARADISE-Textile” is a young but rapidly growing and developing company producing and selling pillows, bedding, mattress covers, and blankets for wholesale from the manufacturer at attractive prices. In the production of model it takes into account all features and wishes of clients.


To buy sets of bed linen for wholesale from Ivanovo is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and loved ones with a quality product that will undoubtedly bring a lot of comfort and warmth to your home. Healthy sleep is an important component in a human life; it allows you to regain strength and energy. The offered assortment has everything one might need to do so —pillows, blankets, mattress covers, satin and calico sets of bed linen, and bedspreads.


By purchasing pillows made in Ivanovo you will permanently forget about inconvenience and troubles sleeping. A large variety of colours surelyis going  to please you and give the opportunity to choose exactly what you like. Pillows made by our technologies are more durable, and therefore will serve you for years. There is no doubt in importance of exact fillers of the pillows in the catalogue of the company. There are quilted pillows, made of sheep or camel wool alongside with quilted pillows “bamboo”.

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