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Адрес: г.Иваново, Кохомское шоссе, д.1д
Телефон: 8 (804) 333-09-06 (Russian calls free of charge), 8(4932) 49-41-66 — the main phone of Ivanovo manager
О производителе

The main activities of the Ivanovo company “Angelika” are manufacturing of beddings and home knitwear. In addition, the company is successfully offering sets of bed linen for wholesale and retail.


The company started manufacturing and selling of linen and knitwear in 2002. During the years of work “Angelica” has been constantly expanding production turnover and product range, and it has acquired a large number of regular customers and business partners.


The company is always looking for new customers who want to buy high-quality textiles and knitwear for wholesale in Ivanovo. Our company offers: a wide range of high quality products and services at competitive prices.


You can also visit the online shop of knitwear goods of “Angelika”: http://www.angelika-trikotag.ru/

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