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Klyuch Textile

Адрес: Ивановская обл., с. Ново-Талицы, ул. Цветаева, д. 42 "Б"
Телефон: 8 929 087 06 09 — manager Viktoriya 8 920 674 34 44 — director Yulia
О производителе

“Klyuch Textile” (“Key Textile”) company specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of bed linen. Within the company′s catalogue, you will find a wide range of bed linen and other textile products one might need for comfortable rest and creating a cosy interior of a bedroom.


Large variety of patterns, fabrics and linen equipment is designed to meet all demands of customers. Bed linen from the manufacturer “Klyuch Textile” is the key to decorating your bedroom.


Here you can buy the sets of bed linen made of following tissues:

  • Coarse calico
  • Satin (satin jacquard, 3D)
  • Percale
  • Poplin (100% natural)
  • Polycotton

Manufacture of bed linen is designed in such a way that each fabric, before turning into an original set of clothes, passes almost competitive selection. The parameters of this selection: quality, density, practicality and, certainly, design. In the “finals” there can enter only materials with an optimum combination of these qualities. After all, the bulk of buyers are paying attention only to two criteria making their choice — colouring and price, since they believe that bed linen from Ivanovo is synonymous with quality per se.


In addition, the company sells for wholesale pillows, mattresses, blankets and other beddings.

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