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Runo, Factory

Адрес: г. Москва, Рязанский проспект, д. 75, корпус. 4
Телефон: +7 (495) 640-59-38, +7 (985) 178-51-30, +7 (910) 860-21-57, +7 (910) 600-87-62, +7 (910) 600-87-48, +7 (909) 977-20-00
О производителе

Runo factory was founded in 1887. Nowadays it is a large national manufacturer of woolen goods (blankets and plaids). The factory evolves successfully, it widens the assortment of its products, and perfects used technologies. Special attention is paid there to modernization of production lines, installing new equipment, and improving quality of goods. Introduction of new items is a leading activity of the company. The factory constantly controls quality of raw materials as well as efficiency of its own sales structure.


Runo factory offers plaids and blankets of highest quality. They are made from wool, they are warm, soft, and create special atmosphere of comfort and warmth. That’s why woolen plaids and blankets are used by majority of consumers because of many reasons.


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