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Bryansk Worsted fabric complex

Адрес: г.Брянск, ул.50-й Армии, д.1
Телефон: (4832) 52-51-99
О производителе

“Bryansk Worsted fabric complex” LLC is currently the main one among three enterprises of full cycle that have survived in the country. It produces more than 60% of Russian wool fabrics, including 80% of uniform fabrics, with quality meeting international standards.


Personnel of the company running into thousands now produces wool fabrics:

- fine fabrics for civil men′s suits, women′s business suits;

- Wool blend fabric for school clothes: lyceums, gymnasiums, schools;

- For the armed forces and the Ministry of Defence of Russia; Russian department of the interior, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the FSB, the Prosecutor General, other federal authorities whose employees are provided with uniforms; uniforms for employees in other countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan);

- Wool blend fabrics for corporate wear: Judges, Federal Service, Rosselkhoznadzor, Rostekhnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor, cadets, airlines, railways, metropolitan, institutes, car dealers, restaurants, hotels, security etc.

Industrial capacities allow producing 3.0-3.5 million meters of worsted fabrics annually with processing up to 1.200 tons of wool fibre.

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