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Rostokinskaya worsted fabric and decorative factory

Адрес: г. Москва, ул. Сельскохозяйственная, д. 12Б
Телефон: +7 (499) 181-63-00, +7 (499) 181-43-01
О производителе

Rostokinskaya worsted fabric and decorative factory PLC, (founded in 1889) is a company engaged in production and sales of ready wool and blend-wool fabrics for suits and dresses along with viscose lining. It also performs dyeing and steeping fabrics on order.


The company was launched as Dyeing-aperture factory of V.F. Ferman and son, known for good living conditions of workers (2-storey house with a dining room), development of new technologies of dyeing textile and fur, presence of an own store in the Upper Trading Rows on Red Square (later — GUM). It was one of the companies that did not undergo the procedure of nationalization, but was confiscated directly from the owners on the order of the President of the Soviet People′s Commissariat.

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