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Pavlovo-Posadsky kamvolschik

Адрес: Московская обл., г. Павловский Посад, ул. Корневская, д.1.
Телефон: +7 (49643) 2-43-13, +7 (49643) 2-11-06
Факс: +7 (49643) 5-56-02
О производителе

“Pavlovo-Posadsky kamvolschik” (Pavlovsky Posad worsted fabrics factory) LLC. was founded in 1864 and now it is one of the oldest textile enterprises in Russia.


The plant produces a wide range of suit blend- wool fabrics of various patterns and colours. Along with classic fabrics of black, blue, and grey shades, the company is ready to offer modern fabrics of new structures and coloristic possibilities. For children′s clothing and school uniforms there are manufactured fabrics of various structures in a variety of colours with wool content no less than 40%, which corresponds to state standards. All fabrics of “Pavlovo-Posadsky kamvolschik” are certified.


Garments made from fabrics of the company have solid colours, preserve natural properties of wool fibre, and polyester fibre gives strength and dimensional stability to those fabrics and products.

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