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Cotton Club, Group of companies

Адрес: Московская область, Балашихинский район, деревня Соболиха, 1-й Липовый переулок, владение 4
Телефон: (495) 730-07-77 (multichannel)
Факс: (495) 229-68-03
О производителе

“Cotton Club” is a leading manufacturer of cotton products and personal care products with own production facilities.


It is one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetic products in Russia. Russian plant of the company has an international certificate ISO 9001: 2008 for all types of products. The company sells its products in all 83 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


According to AC Nielsen data, products of “Cotton Club” occupy 40% of cotton products market of Russia and 50% of the Russian market of wipes, being a leader in these segments. “Cotton Club” produces a wide range of products in the following categories: cotton products, wet wipes, babies’ products, household goods, and household chemicals.

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