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Адрес: Москва г, ул.Липецкая, д.32
Телефон: 8 (495) 915 19 15; 8 (495) 915 15 50; 8 (495) 915 15 51
О производителе

 “AlyansTekstilProm” is a powerful industrial holding company specializing in production of textile products for law enforcement agencies.


Year 2003 can be considered the birth year of the company: it signed and successfully completed the first contract with the Ministry of Defence. In following years, the company continued to carry out government orders, remaining a reliable partner of the Ministry of Defence and other government agencies. Over the years there has been accumulated a wealth of experience in performing such orders.


In 2012, it was decided to increase production capacity by combining production sites and partial outsourcing. In 2013, the Company has adopted the status of the manufacturing association “AlyansTekstilProm” and united under its control 11 manufacturing facilities located in Central Russia and the North Caucasus. Enterprises were upgraded, new equipment purchased, additional staff recruitment and training conducted.


In the same year, Joint Stock Company “BTK Group” entered the list of the founders of the production association “AlyansTekstilProm". By the order of the Prime Minister “BTK Group” became the sole supplier of clothing equipment for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Today, “AlyansTekstilProm” is the largest contractor of “BTK group” for manufacturing clothing equipment for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


 In 2013, the Production Association “AlyansTekstilProm” started to produce a set of all-season base uniforms (VKBO) — the new field form, which that year arrived in the Russian Armed Forces.

Production facilities of the company (a brief overview):

LLC “Alfateks” 2 km of Georgievskoe shosse, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region

LLC “Amteks”, 15a, Shukova st., Baksan.

LLC “Astek” 2, Bykovskogo st., Baksan

LLC “Baksan knitting factory”, 15, Lenina st., Baksan

LLC “Veles-textile” 113, Abubekirova st., Karagach, Prokhladnensky district

Self-employed businessman Gabaraev V.K., 18, Nedelina st., Nalchik

LLC “Interteks” 3a, Kuasheva st., Stary Cherek, Urvansky district

LLC “Kozhgalantereya” 85, Pushkina st., Nalchik

LLC “OboronTekstil” 150, Vichugskaya st., Kineshma, Ivanovo region

LLC “Rampy”, 23, Zalikhanova st., Nalchik

LLC “Runo” 225a, Panayiotis st., Baksan

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