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Адрес: г. Иваново , ул. Куликова , д.8
Телефон: Finance department - 8 (4932) 55-37-77; Sales department - 8 (4932) 55-86-11, 8 (4932) 55-44-69
О производителе

RustexMG company specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of blankets, pillows, mattresses.


Assortment of each category of goods is extremely various: blankets made of cotton and sheep wool, mattresses made of foam rubber and cotton, pillows made of cotton and synthetic filler etc.


The manufacturing base of the factory is a powerful modern cluster with hi-tech equipment. Everything here is built to fulfill one aim — to satisfy consumer demand ad full as possible.


RustexMG company has been working on the textile market successfully since 2000. Cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly raw materials and professionalism of the personnel guarantee high quality of products. Bedding made by RustexMG company is distinguished outstanding quality and contemporary design.

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