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Boyartex, Textile company

Адрес: г. Иваново, ул. КОРОТКОВА д.38 а
Телефон: 8(4932) 34-03-22
О производителе

“Boyartex” textile company specializes in manufacturing and sales of linen satin made in Ivanovo and other home textile.


The company is a direct supplier and seller of:

  • exclusive satin set “PANDORA” 3D (bed linen from satin made in Ivanovo)
  • fabrics for home textile,
  • fleece blankets in handbags as well as unpacked, with designs developed at the very own design studio of “Boyartex” company.

Increased wholesale discounts (up to 25%) and special conditions for dealers (since the company is a direct supplier) allow customers confidently win tenders in regions and increase sales of other goods sold together with our products.

Leading specialists have gained over 20 years of successful experience in development, manufacturing and sales of textile products for home.


The widest choice of kitchen towels, cotton, linen and microfiber along with Russian waffle towels produced on request of “Boyartex " with multi-stage quality control at all steps of production process. Carefully selected colour combinations enhance mood and greatly increase retail sales of goods with help of barcode tags, tabs, and obligatory presence of all colours in packages.


High speed processing and sending of ordered goods (1-3 days), the availability of reservations, packing boxes with brand tape providing increased safety on the road, free shipping to Ivanovo transport companies — these are our advantages.


The company provides services of delivering exclusive design of terry towels, made by “Boyartex” design studio or according to your own design at very cheap prices.

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