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Адрес: Иваново, улица Радищева, 8А, офис 6
Телефон: (4932) 23-88-49; 27-87-65; 49-18-49 - Ivanovo, +7 (499) 517-95-18 - Moscow office
О производителе

“Ivspecposhiv” company specializes in sewing and wholesale of working clothes.


The company′s specialists carefully approach selection and processing of materials for clothing. The main fabrics used are canvas and sawn-off leather with special impregnation. Made of cattle leather, it has significant advantages for a dense durable coating. The combination of canvas and splits features excellent strength. Also here you will find special clothing made of cloth, leather, weldshield, moleskin.


The catalogue of  "Ivspecposhiv" products includes:


Protective clothing for welders, metallurgists.

Insulated protective suits.

Mittens, protective leggings.

Cap comforters, aprons, protective sleeves.

Canvas curtains, tents, marquees

We can manufacture fireproof special clothes according to your sketches.

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