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Favourite, Self-employed businesswoman Gvozdareva V.Y.

Адрес: г. Иваново, ул. Садовая д.49/39
Телефон: 8-920-342-54-96, 8-905-059-30-42; manager - 8-980-69-233-58.
О производителе

Self-employed businesswoman Gvozdareva V.Y. is a manufacturer of night lingerie from domestic lawn and embroidered fabrics (cotton and mixed fibres): nightshirts, pyjamas, peignoirs. For customers’ convenience the company has created websites: www.ivanovobatist.ru and favoritka37.ru where you can get detailed information about the assortment and order your favourite products.


The list of products also presents clothes for burial: shirts and dresses made of biodegradable fabrics (linen, calico, poplin, sateen, and cotton).


Products are certified and pass quality control. All models are made in accordance with Russian standards, the linear dimensions of manufactured products feature sizes from 40 to 72. Price range of models of domestic cloth starts from 110 roubles. Price range for lace shirts made of imported embroidered muslin fabrics starts from 290 roubles.


The company operates via transport companies “AvtoTrading”, “ZhelDorEkspeditsiya”, “PEC”, “Delovye Linii” and others.

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