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Mir Shapok

Адрес: Москва, ул. 14-я Парковая д. 8
Телефон: 8(495)585-78-95, 8(495)965-30-74
О производителе

“Mir Shapok” (“World of Caps”) company manufactures and imports contemporary fashionable hats.

Dedication and talent of a team of professionals has had beneficial impact on the development of the company. It presents its products on the Russian market since 1999. Successful forecasting trends of the consumer market, close partnerships with suppliers helped the company to combine the leading manufacturers of knitted hats from Russia, Poland, and China.


Not stopping there, and focusing on quality, the growing company founded its own production of knitted hats in July 2013. “Mir Shapok” produces goods under its own brands “PriKinder” and “Fishka”.

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