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Evrika, Magnitogorsk factory of children′s clothing

Адрес: Челябинская область, г.Магнитогорск, ул. Виноградная д. 71
Контактное лицо: Olga Sibireva
Телефон: +7-906-850-0522
О производителе

“Evrika” (“Eureka”) Magnitogorsk factory of children′s clothing manufactures and supplies high-quality children′s knitwear clothing wholesale for babies, toddlers, preschool and early school age.


The company currently produces more than 200 models of high quality clothing for children. Collections are updated regularly.


“Evrika” offers bright, colourful, and most importantly — high-quality and safe children′s knitwear. We do not save on the health of customers. All products are made in accordance with state standards of high-quality Turkish knitted fabrics. Manufacture of knitted products corresponds to certificates of conformity of Russia and has a certificate of state registration. Knitted fabrics used in the production have passed all laboratory tests. This means that our products are absolutely safe for health of children.


We offer our customers a wide range of children′s knitwear for wholesale directly from the manufacturer:


- Children clothes for new-borns (loose jackets, rompers, blouses)

- Underwear knitwear (briefs, boxers, t-shirts, suits)

- Clothing for sleep and rest (pyjamas, bathrobes, sets)

- T-shirts, shorts, dresses, sundresses,

- Clothing for sport (sports suits, shorts)

- Suits, hoodies and more

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