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Berkana, Experimental Design Bureau

Адрес: г.Москва , улица Малахитовая 27
Телефон: 8 (499) 213 03 71
О производителе

The company “Experimental Design Bureau Berkana” Llc.(“OKB Berkana”) is engaged in development and manufacturing of uniforms and military equipment for law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, preparation of design, technological and technical documentation for developed products.


The company produces a full range of services: creation of concepts, conceptual design, selection and development of all components of future products, discussion and formulation of terms of reference, development of a database of design patterns, studies of models, bringing a model to the start of production, creation of technical documentation for a product launch, experimental production of first lots of a product, improvement of a product based on results of tests run in mass production.


The structure of the enterprise includes a design bureau, a pilot plant and a clothing manufacture. Product development is carried out with the help of computer design "JULIVI". The pilot plant has been producing small (up to 10 units) party of sewed garments, releasing samples and perfecting prototypes of developed products; it is located in Moscow. Clothing manufacture is situated in Taganrog, Rostov region, where equipment and personnel allows producing products in large lots.


The range of developed products includes summer, winter, demi sets of uniforms, backpacks, transport and handling systems.

The company participated in the development of a kit for special operations forces (SOF) on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

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