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Shveynaya fabrika, JSC

Адрес: г. Переславль-Залесский. ул. Кардовского, дом 27А
Телефон: +7 (48535) 3-29-17, +7 (48535) 3-29-18, +7 (960) 531-08-13
О производителе

“Shveynaya fabrika” (“Sewing Factory”) JSC specializes in tailoring: corporate, special clothing, clothing for promo actions.


The product range is very wide: it includes business suits and simple gowns for everyday wear, working clothes, clothes for promo actions. Regardless of the type product, whether it is a simple gown or formal suit, we produce only high quality products, at the factory strict control over the quality of the goods is carried out. Production staff of the company has extensive experience, so that all orders are executed with highest quality and in shortest time possible.


 JSC “Shveynaya fabrika” works with large and small wholesale customers, and it is open for cooperation and new proposals.

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