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Salomeya, Trade house

Адрес: г. Новосибирск, ул. Лазарева 33/1, 2 этаж, офис 24
Телефон: 8 (383) 212-63-35, 8 (383) 212-63-19
О производителе

“Salomeya” (“Salome”) trade house is a young, dynamically evolving company from Novosibirsk — a manufacturer of women′s clothing. The company specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of women′s clothing both of standard and large sizes.


The range of “Salomeya” features stylish design, interesting cut, juicy and trendy colours. The company′s goal is to let any woman feel like a queen.



  • Reasonable prices and systems of discounts for wholesalers,
  • Flexible payment system,
  • Direct work with suppliers without intermediaries,
  • No minimum amount of lots of different sizes, the order is issued exactly according to sizes and colours the customer demands,
  • Exclusive products – the system “closed city”, when it is guaranteed that in one city, depending on its population there is no more than one, two, three customers.
  • Obtaining reliable information from the first hands: high-quality detailed technical descriptions of products and realistic photos of the goods,
  • Ability to quickly make an order via the website, visualize the selected products in the basket, see total cost, discount and, if necessary, adjust the order,
  • Established system of feedback and ability to quickly obtain confirmation of the availability of goods,
  • Shipping to any region via any transport company chosen by the customer.
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