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Kadrille, Art-studio

Адрес: Московская область, г. Лобня, ул. Кольцевая, д.1
Телефон: 8(903)582 56 99
О производителе

Art-studio “Kadrille” (Quadrille”) is a young creative team, which seeks to make the world brighter and more fun for all those involved in the folk, scenic, and theatre arts, who loves to sing and dance, as well as for those who are fighting for medals at the skating rink or a dance hall.


Art-studio “Kadrille” produces design and dressmaking of scenic costume for different clients:

- Russian Folk costumes.

- National costumes of the world.

- Theatre costume.

- Carnival costume;

- Historical costume.

- Costume for choir men and vocalists.

- Cossack women′s and children′s costume.

- Cossack men′s costume (soldier′s blouse, Russian shirt, beshmet coat, Circassian coat, trousers);

- Sports clothing for skaters.

- Costume of Father Frost, Snegurochka etc.

- Clothing for scene (curtains);

- Headgear.

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