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Rotonda, Plc.

Адрес: г. Новосибирск, ул. Карла Либкнехта, 92
Телефон: +7(383) 262-12-70, +7(383) 206-59-10
О производителе

The company “Rotonda” specializes in production of overclothing for children of different age groups older than 10 years under its own brand. Our business is constantly modernizing production processes by introducing the latest technological developments.


Since 2013, our company has been engaged in tailoring for custom bulk orders expanding range of works and services. We sew everything: from small knit dress to over clothes, winter and autumn kits, overalls, jackets, anoraks,  school range, hoodies, skirts, dresses, aprons, bathrobes, working, hunting clothing, jackets and waistcoats — this is our constant work, but our possibilities are much wider... We are ready for mass production of existing goods, and new models could be done in a short time.


We are working according to state standards which is confirmed by certificates on our products. Uniforms can be accompanied by applying images, lettering, logos are manufactured at our own sewing equipment.


We are interested in long-term partnership. We are prepared to offer interesting conditions to permanent customers. We want to grow and increase the level of our capabilities.

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