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Адрес: Москва, ул. 1-я Дубровская, 4а
Телефон: (925) 355-95-88, (495) 677-10-83
О производителе

Art-atelier “Isadora” specializes at sewing scenic costumes: dancing, theatrical, for calisthenics and figure skating, variety and historical, evening and wedding.


A large workshop in the centre of Moscow, nearby metro station “Proletarskaya” has become a good basis for developing manufacturing base. Specialized industrial sewing equipment has been bought to comply with technologies of manufacturing scenic costumes: lock stitch sewing machines, two-needle cover stitch machines, overlocks, chain stitch sewing machines, flat stitch machines, ironing systems.


During years of practice the company has gathered priceless experience creating different scenic costumes. Professionalism combined with special equipment enables them to reach highest level of quality manufacturing clothes and accessories.


Today art-atelier “Isedora” is a sustainable, successful enterprise with manufacturing base that enables it to process several orders simultaneously in proper way and in due time.

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