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Elcom Plc.

Адрес: г. Сосновый Бор, Гаражный проезд, д.3
Контактное лицо: Светлана Аношина
Телефон: +79675603226
Факс: +7(81369)23773
О производителе

Woven clothing made under the brand “Elcom” is loved and bought in many Russian cities: from Kaliningrad to Yakutsk. The company′s works is a daily labour of its team, dedicated and ardently loving their country. Therefore, our clothing emphasizes the ingenuity of Russian fashion.


Production of the factory is characterized by excellent quality and high consumer properties - as evidenced by positive feedback and the steady demand of customers.


The enterprise is in good repute — it has won numerous awards and diplomas, received at prestigious domestic and international exhibitions:


- Silver medal for the development and manufacture of knitted garments clothes in the contest “Gold medal of Siberia”

- Gold medal for high consumer properties of commodities from ANO “Soyuzexpertiza”

- The National award for achievements and services in the field of textile and light industry for the year 2012

- The winner of the regional contest “Best in small and medium business”

nomination “The best enterprise in the wholesale trade”.

- Honorary diploma for contribution to building of a national market of domestic goods

- The winner of the regional contest “The best in the small and medium business” in the nomination "The best industrial enterprise"

- The first place in the I All-russian competition of goods of textile and light industry “Made in Russia”

- A certificate with the memorial sign “quality assurance 2014”


Every year we are chosen by more than 350 thousands of families in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.
We′re not just manufacturing clothing. Our clothes are full of inner sense, they reveal the history, identity, they are preserving patriotism and love for the country.


Children should love their country, be proud of its past, present and future. Therefore the main slogan of the company is "Do things the way to make the country proud!” Buy our clothes, so that it gives your children a warm mood and happy childhood.

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