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Nadezhda, Sewing manufacture

Адрес: г.Иваново, ул.5 Ударной Армии д.6
Телефон: 8(4932) 33-63-25, 8-902-318-59-79
О производителе

“Nadezhda” sewing manufacture has been successfully working since 1997. The company specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of sewed goods made of knitted garments and cotton fabric (velour, fleece, mollettone, filling-knited, coarse calico, flannel, calico) etc.


All goods produced in “Nadezhda” meet requirements of normative documentation of the State standard agency, there are quality certificates and these products have remarkable consumer qualities: good for washing and comfortable. Products are certified.


Since the company offers direct sales, it can keep low prices while providing high quality. Thanks to 15 years of experience and contemporary vision they have studied clients’ wishes well at “Nadezhda” and as the result there always is a full assortment of products and sizes supported.


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