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Russkaya Lenta, Narrow fabric factory

Адрес: г. Москва, Леснорядский переулок, д. 18, стр. 1-1а
Телефон: +7-495-648-18-23, +7-495-648-18-24, +7-495-648-18-21
О производителе

“Russkaya Lenta” (“Russian Ribbon”) Llc., previously known as “Factory of special ribbons” has extraordinary experience manufacturing ribbons. This narrow fabric factory was founded in 1887 by a German company headed by Ganshyn and Wirtz.


The company produces an sales special and technical ribbons made of natural and synthetic fabric. There is presented a wide assortment of ribbons made of cotton, polyether, polyamide, viscose and other threads of various colours. Those ribbons are heavily used in many industries: sewing, tanning, electro technical, printing, textile, furniture, shoe, military etc.


The company accepts orders for manufacturing ribbons according to the assortment, presented in the price list, or to the client’s samples with previous study and reconciliation.

We produce ribbons by our standards and can change width and colour according to the client’s wish.


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