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Iren Style, Entrepreneur Yamshikova I.V.

Адрес: Ивановская область, г.Кохма, ул.Ивановская,18б, оф.203
Телефон: +7 (4932) 558453
О производителе

Entrepreneur Yamshikova I.V. created a manufacturing company that produces Ivanovo knitwear under brand “Iren Style”. Or more than 15 years already the enterprise produces sewed goods in Ivanovo and it has gained huge experience in this sphere.


The production lines are located in Kokhma town in Ivanovo region: they occupy more than 1000 m2 and are equipped with newest imported machinery if such brands as JUKI and SIRUBA, which allows professionally trained personnel to manufacture high-quality knitwear for home.


Model range of “Iren Style” knitwear catalogue consist of more than 100 various knitted garments. Wide choice of sizes guarantees possibility of choosing knitwear of small sizes for miniature girls as well as larger sizes for plus-size ladies.


The knitted garments are sewn from high-quality fabric: interlock, velour, fleece-terrycloth, terrycloth, wellsoft, footer, filling-knitted fabric (made by domestic and foreign manufacturers of knitwear).


A fully-employed modeler-constructor, using high-edge software complex of modeling home knitwear, always is improving her creativity and full of fresh ideas. This naturally helps to renew assortment находится в творческом поиске и полна свежих идей, что способствует постоянному обновлению and develop new models all the time. There are declarations of quality for all manufactured knitwear.


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