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Shevret, Volgogradsky tannery

Адрес: г. Волгоград, ул. Крепильная, 136
Телефон: +7-8442-41-23-91
Факс: +7-8442-49-36-23
Сайт: shevret.com
О производителе

Volgogradsky tannery was founded in 1930, and it works under it current name — production association “Shevret” Llc. since 2002. All goods are manufactured using chemicals by TFL company. Production turnover of the factory: 700 tons of tannery materials per month. 


The factory works using only long soaking process. We guarantee stability and high technological level of quality. The facility is equipped with machinery of leading Italian companies: Pausko, Rizzi, ZR, Bauche. The factory is specialized in producing tannery goods “wet blue” from skins of cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. Our specialists have also learned manufacturing of “wet white” tannery.


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