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Galatea, Bronnitskoye leather accessories company

Адрес: Московская обл.,г.Бронницы, Каширский пер., 40
Телефон: dazgal@yandex.ru
О производителе

Bronnitskoye leather accessories company “Galatea” was founded in 1925 and at first was an industrial cooperative producing cases for glasses. During the Second World War the cooperative worked for the victory producing ammunition for warriors of the Red Army. In November 1960 the cooperative was transformed in a state business: a leather accessories factory.


At the moment the company is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of school rucksacks. Wide assortment of school models is one of the best in the country.


Usage of contemporary technologies and huge experience of previous years allowed the enterprise to prepare the DAZZLE series of high quality goods for the market. It includes school and youth rucksacks, various bags, and advertisement souvenirs.


The company has a recognizable style, that specialists mention in design, construction, and technologies. Apart from the major manufacturing we make sew bags and rucksacks for individual offers.


In 2009 the factory celebrated its 85th anniversary, the merits of the company were awarded by the Moscow Regional Duma.


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