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Leader, Plc.

Адрес: г. Кемерово, ул. Аллейная, д. 11
Телефон: 8 923 501 4004, 8 923 610 8118, 8 923 502 9009, 8 923 491 5005, 8 923 615 0878
О производителе

“Leader” Plc. is a company of full production cycle from preliminary and intermediary processing of materials (cutting artificial leather, fabric, cardboard, and film; cutting zipper and lace, silkography etc.) to sewing and sales of ready goods.


At the current moment the factory specializes in sewing leather accessories, namely, bags. There are two sewing departments, a preparation-cutting department, and an experimental workshop within the factory. Personnel include around 300 people.


However, the company is not going to stop at what it has reached: plans feature opening a production line for sewing jeans clothing, manufacturing belts, and hosiery. By these measures the company is going to fill the market of Kuzbass with high-quality production and create new working places.


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