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S.A.F, Sports equipment

Адрес: г. Москва, ул. Большие Каменщики, дом 2, 2 этаж, вход со двора
Телефон: +7 (495) 983-30-07, +7 (495) 649-83-22
О производителе

S.A.F. company «Citius, altius, fortius!» is a Russian manufacturer of sports equipment that offers for your attention a wide assortment of sports clothes, uniform. Suits, accessories, and inventory for sports game (wholesale of sports clothes).


The company exists on Russian market for more than 12 years. For this time a small trade enterprise has grown into the production association equipped with modern machinery and using modern technologies of printing on fabric, and sewing textile goods.


Production of the brand S.A.F. is distinguished by contemporary design, high hygienic qualities, good quality of sewing, and affordable prices. You only need to address S.A.F. to equip your team or buy sports clothes for wholesale: uniform, suits, outfit. Besides, the company sells inventory for retail shops or wholesale storehouses, and for sports clothes and clubs.


Producing high-quality sports equipment, we support general development of physical culture and shaping healthy nation. We emphasize our own manufacturing lines: we build working places for our fellow citizens and invest in domestic economy. We think that to create is much more honourable than to sale. Using only certified raw materials, we create the market of high-quality sports goods. We support children’s sport: children are the most perspective and dedicated sportsmen, they own the future!

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