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Makers, Vladimir shooe factory “Niceboot” Plc.

Адрес: г.Владимир, мкр.Энергетик, ул.Северная, д.5
Телефон: +7(4922) 60 27 00, +7 (901) 9922 -1- 77
О производителе

“MAKERS” shoes factory from Vladimir (“Niceboot” Plc.) specialises in manufacturing customs lines of shoes for orders of shops, markets, boutiques, network and wholesale retailers, as well as other shoe manufacturers. We produce what you and your customers need.


The experience and equipment we own allow let us produce shoes of any complexity and predestination. Specialists of our factory have been improving their skills for more than 10 years, and today we self-confidently compete with global manufacturers of comfortable shoes. Prime costs of our shoes allow you setting competitive prices, and its quality guarantees your company will get more long-term clients.


The very name of the factory reflects its conception: to be a maker.


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