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Janett, Plc.

Адрес: Москва, улица Шоссейная, дом 1, корпус 1, офис 322
Телефон: (499) 179-15-42
О производителе

“Janett” company was registered in 2002. Since then it has grown into a group of organisationally and technologically united companies.


In 2004 the top-management of the company decided to enter the market of castings made from ethylenevynilacetate.

to do so, 4 Italian eight-positioned casting machines were bought in 2005-2008 time from “Main Group” company.


2 lines manufacturing granules of ethylenevynilacetate were bought from Taiwanese company “Jian Kwang” in 2006-2009.

in 2009 году an eight-positioned casting machine was bought from Taiwanese company “Tieng Kang”.


“Janett” trade mark was registered in 2007.


At the current moment production lines in Russia are located in Melenki town in Vladimir region (300 kilometers from Moscow) at the territory (57.000 m2) of the former Melenkovsky linen factory.

“Janett” company also includes a shoe factory “Burevestnik” (“Storm Petrel”) sewing textile parts of shoes and high boots.

At the current moment “Janett” company occupies one of leading positions on Russian market of mass production of ethylenevynilacetate goods due to reliable high quality of its goods and perfect fulfilling its obligations to its partners and clients.


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