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Russian designer presented a collection of clothes made of cotton and silk

A presentation of new works by designer Vasilisa Baklashova took place in Moscow.


On May, 15 in Moscow at the territory of design factory “Flacon” fashion designer Vasilisa Baklashova presented a new spring-summer collection; it has become the third large creative work of the designer.



Among the guests at the event were singer Toni, fashion-magazine editor of “Office Mag” Anna Melkumyan, a blogger and journalist Oleg Sharan, head of jfme.ru Alexandr Nilov, editor of “Fashion” section in “Fashion Collection” magazine Andrey Zubatyuk, fashion-blogger Mary Novikova, stylist of “Aizel” Sergey Vereskov, stylist and fashion-journalist Sergey Kravchenko (Looksima.ru), and others.

“Caramel” сollection of Baklashova, quoting a post-release of the show, is “an ode to the beauty of life and as a series of highlights and images.” The designer has used in her new work such materials as a light summer cotton and silk, diluting them with denim and knitwear. Interesting accents in presented model have been received through use of embroidery with gold threads and lurex.

Vasilisa Baklashova also offers for the coming summer season bright accessories, debuting with a capsule collection of original soft packs.



Experts point out that the strength of works of young Russian designer is in her work with knitwear, from which she creates a lot of original items, ranging from hats to dresses and cardigans with complex cut.

The debut of the brand “Vasilisa Baklashova” took place in 2014 on the podium of “Flacon Fashion Festival” in Moscow. In addition, Vasilisa Baklashova is winner of numerous competitions for young designers, for example, “Moy mir — moya professiya” (“My world — my occupation”) in the contest “Young Talents of Moscow 2013.”


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