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“BTK Group” will sew new uniforms for students of Suvorov and Nakhimov military schools

Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu ordered to improve uniforms of cadets and students of Suvorov military and Nakhimov naval schools.


On May, 25 in St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School a meeting was held with Deputy Defence Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, heads of educational institutions, Suvorov military school, Nakhimov naval school, as well as representatives of light industry, engaged in tailoring school and military uniforms.


The meeting resulted in a decision to exclude an extracurricular set of clothes from standards of supply of students. Instead, there will be a renovation of some elements of cadets’ uniforms, in particular, of tunic and trousers. Soon there will be developed and a plan for future changes in the uniform of Nakhimov naval school.


The deputy minister stressed that all changes will be based on the rich tradition of military uniforms of the Russian Federation and surely wishes of students themselves will be taken into account: “The changes should be approached carefully and with great responsibility, since students must wear modern, practical apparel, but at the same time preserving historical traditions.”


In discussing of the new uniform an active part was taken by “BTK Group” company, which is the sole supplier of uniforms for the Russian army. Specialists of the company will soon create practical and comfortable uniform sewn with the latest technologies, and will present it to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation for approval.


In addition, one will be able see the updated form of Suvorov and  Nakhimov cadets at the international military-technical forum “Army-2015”, which will be held in the Moscow region in June.

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